Us Government Aid To Israel

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Us Government Aid To Israel – Susskind is an Israeli-American, an IDF veteran, and the President and CEO of American for Peace Now (APN).

When I was a soldier in the Israeli army, I took an American-made M-16 with me. I drive American jeeps and shoot American missiles.

Us Government Aid To Israel

Us Government Aid To Israel

As an American-Israeli citizen living in both countries for many years, my commitment to Israel doesn’t end with my soldiers. Since I returned to the United States 20 years ago, I have been in the trenches of the Israeli-Palestinian peace community all my life. In a spirit of concern for Israel and the United States, and in my role as President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now, I am calling on the United States government to provide $3.8 billion in annual aid to ‘America in Israel. . We are the first progressive Zionist organization to support the proposed aid, and we are not taking this step. But what is becoming increasingly clear, underscored by the horrific images emerging from Gaza, East Jerusalem and Israel over the past month, is that continuing to provide unconditional military aid to Israel is not in the US’s political interest – and, I must say, it is working. Israel.

Trump Reduces Foreign Aid

My military background gives me first-hand experience with Israeli security. And my values ​​lead me to support human rights, dignity, equality and a Palestinian state. This is consistent with United States government policy—implemented by President Biden’s administration. These two principles underlie the provision of military assistance to Israel: supporting its legitimate defense and encouraging it to risk peace, including land, for a Palestinian state.

The sharp increase in violence last month confirmed what has been clear for years: the Israeli government has no intention of moving towards a two-state solution. It’s been seven years since there was any pretense of a peace process. The cabinet led by Naftali Bennett in the recently installed Bennett-Lapid coalition government gave no further indication that a shutdown was on the agenda, and responded yesterday by releasing another fireball and missile attack on Gaza.

We cannot control what the Israeli government does, but we can ensure that American taxpayer money is used to promote American values ​​and achieve American political goals. Our $3.8 billion annual contribution supports Israel’s defense capabilities, and so do I. But it also shows that American bombing killed hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza, including 67 children, by American soldiers in M-16s as they were moving their families to East Jerusalem. Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan’s neighbors. If America is to promote peace and uphold international law, we must make it clear that our taxpayer dollars serve our foreign policy purposes, that they do not lead to human rights violations, and that there are special consequences if they do. . This puts Israel on a par with all other countries that receive US aid, all of which receive it legally.

Aid is more than withholding aid, which does not address the problem and has no real consequences for human rights violations. Providing assistance can go beyond investigating the use of US military equipment, which is generally illegal under the Leahy Act. If Israel continues its policy of evicting Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, for example, the United States could reduce the percentage of aid. If new settlements are approved or existing ones are expanded—this violation of international law will result in a reduction in US private assistance.

Aipac Applauds Lawmakers For Backing Full Us Aid To Israel, Without Conditions

It may confuse some that a pro-Israel organization is taking this position. For too long, we have allowed right-wing politicians in Israel and the United States to define what it means to support Israel. Elected officials have either paid for a two-state solution (while supporting government actions that make it difficult to achieve) or have been vocal in their calls for a greater state of Israel. An endless occupation, or a discriminatory state is not good for Israel. Debating the position that will provide lasting peace in favor of Israel.

There has been a shift in American policy towards Israel, which I think is seismic. Ten, five, and even a year ago, members of Congress could not have sat down to discuss Israel’s need for aid. Aid to Israel is a third rail; it’s not even in the scope of discussion. But on May 14, eleven members of Congress made extraordinary speeches in the House; called on Israel to stop the atrocities in Gaza and recognize the humanity of the Palestinian people. Now it is representatives of Congress who go beyond words and put these words into policy. Lawmakers finally have the political space to stand up and say, “I support Israel and I support the request for help, because it’s in America’s interests, it’s in Israel’s interests, and it’s the right thing to do.”

I support support for Israel, and I want that to continue. But most of all, I want the opportunity to live in dignity for everyone who calls this place home. And for that to happen, we must ensure that American efforts—and American funding—are used to ensure a better future for the children of Israel and Palestine.

Us Government Aid To Israel

Opinion hosts the world’s most influential voices, providing commentary on news, social and cultural events. We accept contributions from outside. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the author.U.S. The Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, confirmed that $200 million would help protect security in Ukraine during his visit to the country. Blinken met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday, amid rising tensions between that country and Russia that many observers fear could escalate into war.

Israel Palestine Us Policy: What Changed Under Biden, What Didn’t

Looking at all foreign military aid provided by the United States in 2020 – the most recent year available – Ukraine tops the list of countries supported by the United States in military aid. In the same year, Ukraine received 284 million dollars – is in sixth place. The additional $200 million approved in December 2021 means the country’s military aid obligations have increased significantly over the past year.

The largest recipients of military aid in 2020 were Israel and Afghanistan, both of which received nearly $3 billion. With the US leaving the last country in 2021, the status is likely to change. US allies in the Middle East – such as Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon – also receive large sums of money.

Yes, it allows you to easily link multiple infographics to other websites. Just copy the HTML code shown in the relevant statistic to link to it. Our default is 660 pixels, but you can choose how the stats are displayed to suit your website by setting the display width and size. Please note that the code must be embedded in HTML code (not just text) on WordPress pages and other CMS sites. President Joe Biden faces questions from some in his own Democratic Party about US aid to Israel.

Senator Bernie Sanders said America needed to “take a close look” at how money is being spent.

Explained: Why Israel’s Stance On Military Aid To Ukraine Might Be About To Change

In 2020, the US provided Israel with $3.8 billion (£2.7 billion) in aid – one of the longest annual commitments made under the Obama administration. Almost all of this assistance was in the form of military assistance.

The funding comes as part of a deal former president Barack Obama signed in 2016 for a total of $38 million (26.8 billion) in military funding for the 2017-2028 decade.

This represents an increase of 6% (adjusted for inflation) over commitments issued in the previous decade.

Us Government Aid To Israel

In addition, last year the US provided $5 million (£3.5 million) to relocate immigrants to Israel. The country has a longstanding policy of accepting Jews from other parts of the world as citizens.

U.s. Foreign Aid: A Waste Of Money Or A Boost To World Stability? Here Are The Facts

Over the years, US aid has helped Israel build one of the most advanced armies in the world, with funds that have allowed it to buy major US military equipment.

For example, Israel purchased 50 F-35 fighter jets, which can be used for missile attacks – so far 27 aircraft have been delivered, costing $100,000 each (0.4 70.4 million).

Last year, Israel also purchased eight KC-46A Boeing ‘Pegasus’ fighter jets for $2.4 billion (£1.7 billion). They have jet fuel like the F-35 in the air.

Of the $3.8 billion allocated to Israel in 2020, $500 million (353.9 million) was for missile defense, including investments in Israel’s Iron Dome and other systems that can intercept incoming rockets.

House Narrowly Passes $3.3 Billion In Military Aid To Israel, Includes New Oversight Provision

In addition, Israel has spent millions of dollars working with the United States to develop military technology, such as systems to detect underground networks used to infiltrate Israel.

The Israeli government invests heavily in military equipment and training, using that aid to compensate for being smaller than many other countries in the region.

According to USAID, in 2019, the last year the figures were published, Israel was the second largest recipient of foreign aid to the United States after Afghanistan.

Us Government Aid To Israel

Most of the money given to Afghanistan goes to support the US military

New Report: Nearly $300 Billion In Foreign Aid Spent By U.s. Government

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