Vistaprint House Cleaning Business Cards

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Vistaprint House Cleaning Business Cards – Business cards represent the next step in making your small business dreams come true. And for many potential customers, this will be their first interaction with your brand, so make it positive.

A carefully designed business card does more than carry your contact information. Here, you’ll look professional, build trust with customers, and set your small business apart from the crowd. But before you start handing out business cards at every meeting, stop and ask yourself: What makes a good business card? How can you stand out and ultimately bring in more business?

Vistaprint House Cleaning Business Cards

Vistaprint House Cleaning Business Cards

Answer: A careful combination of the information you include and the way you present it. Here are 10 tips on how to design a business card that best represents you (and your business!). We look forward to some advice from Tristan Le Breton, Creative Director of 99designs. 99designs is a creative platform specializing in graphic design that connects with its clients to create logos, websites and more.

What Makes A Good Business Card? 10 Golden Rules

Your business card says a lot about you and your small business… so choose a design that reflects your brand. Maybe you’re an interior decorator who specializes in modern styles and clean lines; think about it with a clean and simple model. Or maybe you’re a dog walker with a friendly personality – reflect your fun business nature with a colorful, less formal card.

TIP When in doubt, talk to the designer. Hire a friend who specializes in printed graphics to ensure your business card design aligns with your brand, or check out Design Services.

If it’s a font you use on your website or other marketing materials, include it on your business card. The font you choose should reflect your brand—perhaps a sleek font if you’re a talented exercise fan, or a reporter-inspired font if you’re a writer—and be easy to read. All of your text should be at least eight points long, but more important information (such as your name or company name) can be printed in a larger size, in a different font, or in bold.

Tristan’s suggestions? “A good rule of thumb is to mix names larger than 12 point font and never use a font size smaller than 8 point.”

The Best Business Card Makers For 2022

The size and focus of your business card will dictate the size of the text and amount of information you can include…and it will also make a statement about your brand. Are you a no frills conventional company or a bold maverick?

Most business cards are rectangular, about the size of a credit card, and are laid out horizontally. People are familiar with this shape, so it’s a safe bet…but if you want to stand out, consider using a square shape, rounded corners, or a vertical orientation.

Speaking of information… your business card should give your customers everything they need to contact you, find you online, or find your store. In addition to your name and title, add your company name, phone number, location, email address, and social media handle. Be sure to include all of this information on your business card so that customers can easily contact you on the road when they need you most.

Vistaprint House Cleaning Business Cards

Once you add your information to the business card template, watch how you organize it. The individual pieces of information are known to be distinctly different, but come together well. “A good visual flow for a business card design should start with the logo, then the name, then secondary information like email address and phone numbers,” suggests Tristan. “You can always change the live stream by adjusting the size of the elements, moving their position or adding extra white space.”

Monthly Mailbag: How To Design A Home Services Business Card

Make your business hours work for you and your small business. Use the reverse as an educational reminder, credit card, or as a blank canvas to advertise something about your business. For example, if you have a restaurant or cocktail bar, make a summary for the dish or drink. Do you sell garden items? Use construction crafts such as decorative labels, clothing, accessories and other crafts.

Another way to protect your card is to turn them into magnets. This technique works especially well in businesses that offer high-volume services, such as plumbing, gardening, pet care, decorating, car service, restaurants, and more. Customers will store it in their memory so you have easy and memorable access to your contact information.

The options for repurposing your business card are endless…and it can make your card stand out, last longer, and make a stronger impression.

Tristan says: “Your card is more than just your contact information – it’s an image of you and your brand. Before you think about creating a new business card, there are two important things to consider: the final logo and brand colors These elements are the most important part of your visual identity and will help in other areas of the e-card process.

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Business cards are all about logos. Consider dedicating a section of your card just to your logo. As a representative of your company, you deserve a prominent position that will immediately attract the attention of potential customers.

Once you have a logo, try to create a complete brand identity. You should have a collection of colors and fonts that you use in all of your marketing materials, the tone of voice in all of your communications, and a general idea of ​​the “vibe” of your brand. If you haven’t created a logo yet, check out our design process at 99Designs.

Don’t overload your card with text: If there are too many elements on the card, they will all compete for the reader’s attention and nothing will stand out. (And remember: you can use both sides of the paper!) Design-wise, white space is easier on the eye… and can help with important details.

Vistaprint House Cleaning Business Cards

Also, you may want to add a note before handing your card to someone; leaving some space gives you room to add a new phone extension or submit the name of a potential colleague.

Best Paid And Free Business Card Makers (+ Templates) (2023)

Tristán reminds us that “the fewer elements you have, the more impact each one will have, so think about how you can clean up the message to leave a lasting impression.”

According to Tristán, “custom finishes can go a long way in making a lasting impression on potential clients, partners and customers.”

An easy way to make your card stand out is to add a unique design element or special treatment print. Add a touch of sparkle to foil accents, while Embossed Glitter creates a glossy, raised finish, giving your card that unforgettable 3D feel.

Business cards are another way to add something special to your business cards. Extra thick paper adds a touch of luxury, while recycled kraft paper gives it an organic feel.

Custom Acrylic Signs, Acrylic Business Signs

Make sure these special features are right for your brand. If you’re in a less glamorous business, adding small accent pieces to your business card design may seem odd.

A CTA is not a business requirement, but it can encourage a potential customer to take the next step. Whether it’s a special offer, a special offer or a discount code, solve your business incentives to attract customers.

Consider using QR codes as part of your call to action. Since people are more comfortable scanning QR codes, adding them to your business card is a great way to get people to click through to your site, sign up for your email list, or give them a special promotion. We recommend that you place the code on the back of your business cards; this makes it easy to see and doesn’t take away from the logo on the front.

Vistaprint House Cleaning Business Cards

Is there anything more exciting than opening a map (or menu or brochure) to see a freshly printed box containing type? Before placing your order, ask a colleague or friend to proofread your business paper for spelling mistakes. If you want to be more sure that your work is well proofed, enlist the help of a professional copywriter. Because there is so little literature on the business card, it should be relatively quick and inexpensive.

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QR codes have made a comeback in recent years – they have proven to be a useful tool for everyone […] Having a professional and attractive HVAC business card helps you make a good first impression on potential customers. It also makes it easier for those clients to contact you when they’re ready to ask for work.

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