What Business Can You Start With A Box Truck

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What Business Can You Start With A Box Truck – Hello there! My name is Michael Burke and I’m the founder of CannabisBox, a monthly themed subscription box for essential cannabis goods. A box contains bottles, rolling paper, wrappers, tools, snacks and other items needed by the daily cannabis user. We sell products online and retail, including our own brand and other popular brands.

As a daily cannabis user, I found that there were some things that I needed so much that I honestly didn’t want to go to the store and buy them once or twice a week. It took a long time, and honestly, I wish there was a better solution to this problem.

What Business Can You Start With A Box Truck

What Business Can You Start With A Box Truck

It was 2013, and as a subscriber to Loot Crate (another subscription box), I was looking for a subscription box for cannabis products. It turns out, it doesn’t exist at all. I had insurance at the time and had some free time after researching this subscription box. I started promoting it through my friends and social networks and since then the number of followers has been increasing.

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I learned to stop looking at your competition and be humble. Competition is good when others are looking for your competitors, which is where you appear. It is completely out of your control, but what is in your control is how hard you work. Take us through the process of designing, prototyping and manufacturing your first product.

There wasn’t really a “prototype” phase because we spent that first month running around and hoping for the best. The content of our first box and the products used were much smaller than our current boxes, but as a pioneer in the field, people loved the idea of ​​receiving their products in a fun way each month. That first month I went to my local smoke shop and bought products at retail price while building boxes in my garage and we barely made a profit, but it was a test of the market to see if it was possible.

We didn’t design our own glasses then and bought them from a local blower who I was friends with at the time. Our startup cost was about $1000 including products, domain, server time and paying my friends for help.

Over time, our process evolved into a full-scale multi-warehouse operation packing 10-20 person boxes per load. The process of designing and selecting products has never changed, but it is most suitable according to the season of the year, the theme of the month, the new products released in the market and the products that we all need.

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The important thing when choosing products is to ask yourself, “Would I use this as a normal person?” I ask, and if the answer is no, I don’t include it in the box. We recently added a suggestion panel to our page if anyone has something they think is worth a month and for people to discuss their likes and dislikes.

At that time, I had a lot of people asking me if I could build a site, and being a very conservative person with my money, I decided to do it myself. I designed the site myself, I designed the logo myself, I designed the box content myself, and from the beginning it was just me. It was a tough decision, but it became my permanent job and I really enjoyed it.

We were profitable from day one, but we didn’t see real traction until a year after we started appearing on local news channels and national news sites. As I watched competitors pop up every month, the industry was firmly affirmed. Some quit within a few months. I can tell they did something wrong when their first boxes were full of unboxable products and then customers expect these huge boxes from them every month.

What Business Can You Start With A Box Truck

The biggest lesson I learned and witnessed early on is to always do it yourself because no one else can make it as perfect as you want it to be. He who has done something to me has not liked me until I have done it myself.

Want To Start A Subscription Box Company? Here Are The Basics

I take a lot of inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs and businesses and apply it to our philosophy and strategies. I think our best attribute is our ability to adapt and accept that we need to thrive in this new business world. Changing our brand, our box formula, and getting closer to our customers.

Our first 100 customers were word of mouth and local. It definitely helped to understand the shipping time and what to put in the box, plus I talked everything over with my garage mate. I’ll ask local smoke shops what’s hot for them right now and see what else they’re buying. After the first few boxes, customers keep coming back.

We are a business built by cannabis users, for cannabis users. I like to hire people who work with friends or just friends and I expect them to treat our customers the same. When I look at our social media or see how our customer service team is doing, I expect them to talk to our customers as if they were our friends, because they are. I feel that everyone who joins us and orders from our store is a member of our family.

In addition to good communication with your customers, I think that SEO, email marketing and social media are very important to add serious income to your business. By strategically partnering with other social media accounts with large followings, we also began growing our social networks, which turned those followers into customers.

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On the other hand, SEO is more important than social media, where social media is like politics, I think SEO is only based on your strategy and knowledge of Google’s algorithm. I didn’t understand search engines until 4 years into my business, so I’m definitely behind. After a year of researching everything on this topic, I quadrupled our monthly visitors.

I would say 90% of people want money. I can’t blame them, but more than that.

Finally, the third most important point of attracting customers is email marketing. When sending people to your website through social media and search engines, the most important thing is to capture their emails as soon as they arrive on your site. That way, if they don’t convert there, you still have a chance to win them over with incentives. After growing our email list to over 300,000 users, we are bringing in huge traffic through email alone.

What Business Can You Start With A Box Truck

As we mentioned above, we have been profitable since day one. Many private equity and venture-backed businesses in Silicon Valley have been in business for 10+ years and have never taken money. I can’t say they aren’t very successful, but that’s not my point. I think there are entrepreneurs, and there are people who want to call themselves entrepreneurs. The latter is not economically efficient and the money in the industry is around, but the business is just for show.

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I put my blood, sweat and tears into it and I wouldn’t be here today if we weren’t productive. I wouldn’t spend over $30k on a fancy ad campaign (billboards, paid news, etc.) like some businesses do without any way to measure ROI. You never know what happens behind the scenes.

Today we are looking to raise capital to grow ourselves into the cannabis space. After years of figuring out what works and what doesn’t, I’m not sure what we’re doing and excited for the future. We have many ideas in our store that we will gradually launch in boxes, such as our own accessories or our own brands under the CanaBox name. We are located in two different warehouses in Phoenix and fulfill thousands of orders every week.

I’d say the best thing I’ve learned is to stop looking at the competition and be humble. It may seem strange that other people are copying your original idea, but if you keep doing your job, you’ll be fine. Competition is good, you can show up somewhere while others are looking for your competitors. It is completely out of your control, but what is in your control is how hard you work.

On the other hand, there are many forces of nature beyond your control

How To Start A Subscription Box Business

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