What Happens To Seized Money

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What Happens To Seized Money – The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office seized approximately 700 grams of illegal drugs during a recent drug bust.

North Carolina has an unauthorized drug tax for such cases. Illegal drugs are taxed and the money goes back into the pockets of law enforcement and helps other parts of the state.

What Happens To Seized Money

What Happens To Seized Money

OCSO Maj. Chris Thomas said 364 grams of cocaine, 171 grams of heroin and 135 grams of marijuana were seized during a drug operation in February.

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N.C. Going beyond the figures provided by the Department of Revenue (NCDOR), that is about $53,000 in taxes owed by the accused.

This is an excise tax on controlled substances such as marijuana and cocaine, as well as illegal alcohol or moonshine, among others, Shore Johnson, director of public affairs for NCDOR, explained in an email.

Johnson wrote that anyone who possesses an illegal substance whose tax has not been paid owes the tax. The authorities know the tax has been paid if there is a stamp on the product. If this is not the case, the tax must be paid within 48 hours of discovery of the drug by the person who bought the drug, whether it is the police or the person who bought the drug for personal use.

Johnson wrote that those who come to pay taxes and buy stamps do not need to identify themselves. In fact, NCDOR employees who disclose information about stamp buyers to law enforcement will be arrested.

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The Purpose of the N.C. Tax on Illegal Substances Pursuant to Statute 105-113.105 it generates revenue for state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as for the state’s general fund. The statute says that those who use controlled substances are not immune from prosecution, even if they pay taxes.

According to the NCDOR, each item has a different dollar amount, and some must meet a minimum amount before tax is claimed.

If someone has more than 42.5 grams of marijuana, they owe $3.50 per gram. Anyone with more than seven grams of cocaine will be fined $50 per gram. Any controlled substance not sold by weight, such as pills, costs $200 per 10-dose unit.

What Happens To Seized Money

Major Chris Thomas of the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office said the circumstances of the arrest determine how much money is collected. If more than the specified minimum quantity of drugs is seized, the law enforcement agency completes a tax form to be submitted to the NCDOR.

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According to Johnson, OCSO has made thousands of dollars in revenue from these thefts, including more than $60,000 in 2017. Thomas said the money cannot be used to supplement their budget, but to use it in other ways.

According to Johnson, the money collected from the drug tax is divided between the two parties after the criminal investigation.

The largest portion, 75 percent, goes to the law enforcement agency or agencies involved in the arrest, and 25 percent goes to the state’s general fund.

The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office received more than $164,000 from those efforts between 2013 and 2017, Johnson wrote.

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Thomas said that while they haven’t seen the money from the bust in several years, most of the money is being spent on undercover drug purchases and undercover operations equipment for future drugs.

We mainly use it to purchase surveillance equipment for narcotics officers,” Thomas said. “We use the drug dealers’ money to buy more equipment so we can catch more drug dealers.”

“Proceeds from this program were used as a local grant to fund staff equipment and training for the agency.” CHALLENGE. it has also been used in drug education in programs such as (Drug Resistance Education) for the benefit of our community,” Public Safety Director Mike Janiero said in an email.

What Happens To Seized Money

The state’s general fund, created in part by some of the drug money collected, helps pay for K-12 education in North Carolina.

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Although several officials confirmed that Onslow County schools had no way to show a specific drug search by Onslow County law enforcement paid for a specific drug, there is a connection.

Onslow County Schools CFO Jeff Hollamon said revenue comes from all kinds of different sources at the state level.

That revenue, including 25 percent of seized drug money, goes into the state’s general fund, and the state has an average of about $20 billion to work with, Hollamon continued. About half of that, about $9 billion, went to K-12 public education in the state.

“Public funding is the foundation of our funding,” said Hollamon. But, he added, “we have no idea who owns the part of the funds we receive from the state (money for medicine).

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Hollamon said about 70 percent of each school system is funded by the state, although that varies by district. Onslow County Schools received about $140 million from the state’s general fund last year, which is considered the state’s public school fund here after it is appropriated at the local level, he said.

Hollamon said the primary use of the money is to cover operational and instructional needs, including salaries and benefits for teachers, aides, principals, nurses and media specialists.

In 2017, the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office received $60, $151.11 in restitution from the state for past drug sales, Johnson said. Since that was 75 percent of the total, $20,050.37 went into the state’s general fund that year as a result of OCSO investigations.

What Happens To Seized Money

Hollamon, who looked at the total money North Carolina has, said the money from drug sales is probably a drop in the bucket.

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However, according to the 2016-2017 NC Public Schools Salary Range, the base monthly salary for a new teacher with a bachelor’s degree is $3,500, which would pay about 25 percent of a teacher’s six months of work.

According to him, the largest part of the money given from the general fund of the state is used for the payment of salaries and allowances, and a smaller part for teaching materials.

Reporter Amanda Thames at 910-219-8467 or Amanda.Thames@ Reporter Mike McHugh contributed to this story. He can be reached at 910-219-8455 or Mike.McHugh@

What is it? Local law enforcement brings money to Onslow County. What is the effect of this? Some of that money goes into the state’s general fund, which funds the state’s K-12 education EAU CLAIRE (VKOV) – Sometimes the police or deputies seize money, guns, drugs or vehicles, but what do they do with those items , depends on the situation.

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Eau Claire County Sheriff Ron Cramer said the drugs were tested outside and held as evidence. Before the case goes to trial, the drugs are sent to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab for further analysis.

After the case is closed or dismissed, whether it is cocaine, methamphetamine, or marijuana, the drug is finally burned in an incinerator authorized by a drug enforcement agency.

The money is kept as evidence until the trial. If it’s a federal charge, the federal government can order the sheriff’s office to turn the money over to U.S. officials until they determine how it came about. If it is found that the money is legal, the court will return the money to the person. If not, some of the money can be returned to the city or county.

What Happens To Seized Money

“If it’s illegal drug proceeds, they’re going to order a seizure,” Kramer said. “The federal government gets 20% to administer, and then some goes back to local law enforcement for use in drug investigations, which can only be used in drug investigation cases.”

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Locally, seized money can be used for restitution purposes or go to the city or province.

The seized vehicles have been placed in a secured facility. Once the job is done, the impounded vehicles are still used as undercover vehicles today, but after doing the drug deal, everyone knows who they are driving, so they drive the vehicles around.

Seized businesses or land can be paid in cash to return the property to the owner, Cramer said, which is done through the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District. In addition to arresting suspects and seizing drugs in a multi-agency raid in three states this week, authorities seized up to $500,000 in cash.

If the suspects are found guilty and the money is proven to be from illegal activities, who will keep it?

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Officials with the McDowell Sheriff’s Office and the Marion Police Department said agencies involved in raids like this can receive proceeds from seized monetary assets, but only after a civil process.

The N.C. Department of Revenue, which was on the scene for Tuesday’s raid, was able to assess civil penalties, or controlled substance taxes, against the suspects. The $500,000 seized Tuesday is currently in the custody of the federal government, and that amount will change as the investigation continues.

Through the agency’s participation in DEA task forces and investigator-initiated cases, the sheriff’s office often seizes property and generates revenue from drug-related cases, according to Sheriff Dudley Green.

What Happens To Seized Money

“Tuesday is an exception to the norm due to the height of the property and

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