What Is A Degree In Business Management

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What Is A Degree In Business Management – Business managers oversee the day-to-day running of organizations large and small. In a large company, managers typically oversee a separate department, such as marketing, sales, or production. In a smaller company, the business manager can supervise the activities of all departments. Office managers supervise the work of business associates or assistants.

Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in business management for the position of business manager. Business managers must have excellent written and oral communication skills to manage staff and lead the department. Managers are also problem solvers and work to overcome obstacles that may prevent a department or company from achieving its goals. Some companies promote employees with extensive experience in a department to lead the team. For example, a salesperson with years of experience in the field may advance to the position of sales manager.

What Is A Degree In Business Management

What Is A Degree In Business Management

The size of the company can determine the type of activities the manager performs. For example, in a larger organization, a production manager might manage teams or team leaders, who then oversee the planning and output of employees. In a smaller company, the production manager can carry out these activities himself. Managers evaluate the performance of departments or companies against business goals and plans.

Developing A Small Business Management Concentration Within A Business Degree

Some company managers perform human resource activities such as performance evaluations, hiring and disciplining employees in their department. Performance interviews offer the opportunity to set goals, motivate and develop employees. Managers motivate employees through incentives and positive feedback. When employees fail to meet company performance requirements, managers provide feedback that can help employees improve their work. For most of my life, I have experienced several subjects that I can only describe as “interesting seasons.” My parents, my brother and my wife can name many of those seasons if asked. It’s just part of who I am. From time to time I will be very interested in a particular topic. I am interested for a few months to a few years. Although I am focused on this topic, I tend to learn everything about it. Once I’ve learned everything I’d like to learn about a topic, I tend to move on to a new topic. It has served me well in my information technology (I.T.) career, I.T. Technology is constantly changing and you have to love learning to keep up.

In the spring of 2012, I became interested in the idea of ​​going back to college and getting my degree. Sixteen years earlier, I had made the decision to drop out of college to focus all my time on a web hosting company I had started with a friend in the early days of the Internet. After all, he had a great career in IT. and I never went to school again. I don’t regret this.

Choosing a College: Fortunately, in the spring of 2012, when I was seriously considering going back to school to get my degree, there were many non-traditional college options available. I researched many offers available at the time. What I quickly learned was that many online degree programs were far from ideal. Some of them even border on outright scams.

Many online schools are not regionally accredited. Non-accredited schools can provide excellent education, but some institutions do not accept diplomas from these institutions as valid. So going to a regionally accredited school quickly became a no-brainer for me. After all, if I was going to bother, I wanted a degree with the credibility of a regionally recognized university. After removing all non-accredited schools from my list, I began to focus on two other key factors.

Is A Business Degree Worth It? [2023 Guide]

The #1 most important factor for me was looking for a program that would be truly self-paced. Because I own and run a business, I have periods where I work more than 60 hours a week and don’t have much time for anything else. Other times I may have a slower week where I can spend more of my time on schoolwork than usual. So finding a real self-paced program was key for me.

Factor #2 for me was cost. Somehow in this crazy world we live in, we have come to accept as a society that it is normal and okay to borrow large amounts of money to attend college. I think if you get a degree that comes with a hefty salary, math can be helpful with that. However, if you go to an expensive school and accrue tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and earn a small amount of money, your future will be difficult financially. As a small business, I know cost matters. So while cost wasn’t my main consideration, it was certainly an important consideration. After all, I wanted to try to get into a college that I could pay for out of pocket along the way. After all, I was going to study Business Administration. A good company should always be looking for a good price, right?

I won’t go into all the details of my search, but I will say that it quickly became clear that Western Governors University (WGU) was right for my educational needs. They are fully accredited, fully autonomous and very affordable.

What Is A Degree In Business Management

In addition to being accredited, self-paced, and affordable, WGU uses a “competence-based model.” This model is designed to measure your proficiency in a specific area, rather than the more traditional model that measures how much time you have spent learning about a subject.

What Can I Do With A Business Management Degree? Business Careers

Here’s a simple example of that. If you have a math class you are required to take as a WGU student, you can demonstrate proficiency in the subject area being covered by the class by passing a supervised exam or creating some sort of work product (paper/presentation/ spreadsheet). etc.) WGU allows you to take the exam or produce the work product, pass that class and move on. WGU doesn’t care if it takes you three hours or three months to learn the material. They measure your competence, not how long it took you to become competent.

This competency-based model sealed the deal for me. I am a very goal oriented and task oriented person. I’ll be happy to tell you what the goal is, and then set me free to achieve it. So the WGU model was perfect for me.

Enrollment: I called in early May 2012 and spoke with Michael, a WGU enrollment advisor. In the weeks that followed, Michael helped me through the WGU application and acceptance process. WGU starts a new term at the beginning of each calendar month. The terms are for six months. I was aiming for June 1

Start date I admit, once I’m interested in something I can be a little impatient. I took and passed an entrance exam that focused on math and writing. I also sent high school and college transcripts directly to WGU and performed other duties to keep the process going. In the end, I only transferred one college class.

A Review Of My Experience Earning My B.s. In Business Management From Western Governors University (wgu)

BS I chose to work for one. In Business Administration. Although I have seen several I.T. my IT knowledge, I was more interested in supplementing my business experience with formal business training. After a few weeks I was hired and I was allowed to start on June 1th

Getting started as a student at WGU: Michael quickly referred me through my “student mentor” named Nick. At the time, I didn’t understand how valuable Nick’s support would be to me. WGU uses a tutoring model where each student has a “Student Tutor” and each class has one or more “Course Tutors”. Having seen it first hand, I can say with confidence that it is a great model.

The Student Tutor essentially serves as the single point of contact with the university. Whenever I had a problem related to my WGU education and couldn’t figure out how to handle it on my own, I reached out to Nick and he pointed me in the right direction.

What Is A Degree In Business Management

Nick and I have set up a weekly call schedule. While our calls were short (probably never longer than 15 minutes), they were valuable. At every call, Nick and I talked about where I was and what I should focus on next. He optimized my time by making sure I took the courses in the most efficient order. When I was busy with work and helpless

Accredited Online Business Management Degree

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