Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Lashes

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Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Lashes – Of all the makeup that every woman does, we spend most of our time and effort on our eyes. But eyelash extensions may not be the answer for everyone. This article is about how to maintain beautiful natural eyelashes perfectly.

Some of our subconscious movements can significantly damage our eye makeup. There is no excuse for these ladies!

Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Lashes

Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Lashes

Each of your eyelashes takes 1-3 months to grow to 7-8mm and then stops.

Will Mega Volume Lash Extensions Damage My Lashes?

They are good for another 2-4 months when they mature and are able to bear the extra weight (i.e. eyelash extension).

Most of the time, the lifespan of your natural lashes is shortened by your subconscious little moves. Let’s see some examples.

When you wash your face, the scrubbing motion rubs your eyes to get rid of any itchiness, which also exfoliates your eyelids.

The rubber pad on the curl is really the part that wears out. This is again due to using more force on the eyelashes to curl them. If you use damaged curlers on your eyelashes or eyelash extensions, the natural result is that they fall out or even break in the middle. Lesson learned here: Replace your eyelash curler rubber pads when they need replacing.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes?

This is the time when eyelashes grow. Rest during this period.

Do you have a habit of leaving a bit of mascara at the base of your lashes when you remove your makeup?

You’d think, I’ll put my makeup back on tomorrow, because it won’t hurt.

Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Lashes

We are the preferred eyelash extension specialist to service the Brisbane / Logan area. Follow us on these social media platforms. One of my clients came into the salon a few days before her scheduled eyelash extensions, worried she wasn’t doing the right thing by removing them and getting a second opinion. Removing these eyelashes to go back to natural eyelashes is a very important decision, as it is definitely a shock for long-term users. If it was about money, I could have easily said “well fill it in or delete it and replace it with a new one”,  which would not have been a helpful suggestion to either side.

Lash Extensions 101

Long-term wear of synthetic eyelashes carries risks, especially when it comes to the condition of natural eyelashes, as they become shorter, thinner and weaker with the impact of the eyelashes, and in some cases this can lead to complete loss of the natural eyelashes. There is also the risk of medical problems for the eyes, such as conjunctivitis and chronic blepharitis, which may mean that any future eyelash extension wear is no longer considered. To ensure that natural lashes heal with continued use of eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions should be removed every six to eight months to properly clean lid lines after months of makeup and bacteria build-up and even for natural lashes to grow and thicken. We recommend at least two months off from eyelash extensions to allow your natural lashes to fully heal and grow.

Another factor in the problem of natural weakening of the eyelashes after applying eyelash extensions can be related to the size and length of the extensions, because the heavier the glue to the natural eyelashes with the extension, the more hairs there are. There is a possibility of breakage, so if your damaged eyelashes cannot be used for a long time, it is recommended to consult a specialist before ordering the longest and thickest eyelash extensions available.

What can you do while your natural eyelashes are healing? The advice and option I give my clients after removing the extensions is to try to go without eyelash extensions for at least two months and I suggest lifting and eyelash tint (tint after lifting) to minimize the loss of eyelash extensions. Or you can try eyelash growth serum. There are many eyelash growth serums on the market and can be purchased online or from Boots and some department stores. However, remember to read the label as some eyelash serums are not suitable for eye health (see eyelash serum blog). A recent article in the Daily Mail describes the problems with some eyelash growth serums. Here is the link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3016092/Did-drug-make-lashes-lusher-turn-green-eyes-brown-LEAH-HARDY-investigates-disturbing-effect – Treatment -resting-stars-Claire-Danes-Brooke-Shields.html

There are many pre-made eyelash conditioning serums on the market (not to be confused with eyelash growth serums), but you can make your own with simple ingredients, here’s my homemade version:

Hybrid Lashes: What You Need To Know About These Extensions

Take a clean small bottle and add one teaspoon each of castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil and vitamin E oil. Shake and close with a cap. If you want to use a serum, grab a mascara wand, dip it into the bottle and pat the ingredients onto your lashes without overloading the brush. Another option is to put some solution on a clean finger and massage it into the eyelashes and lash line.

All of the above ingredients can be bought from Holland & Barrett and whatever you don’t use to make your eyelash serum you can use on the rest of your body, face and coconut oil in your kitchen. Imagine waking up. Looks like a queen every morning. Oh, what a life! 💅🏼 To some, that’s exactly what eyelash extensions feel like, which explains why so many people love eyelash extensions. The trend is becoming more and more popular, which means lash technicians and salons are popping up all over to meet the demand. More demand = more technicians = more margin for error. Eek.

As with all beauty treatments, we can be a little skeptical about what they actually do and whether we’re setting ourselves up for a lifetime of correcting a tiny mistake (remember that time you tried to pluck your eyebrows? Yep, never the moon.) . So what about eyelash extensions? Are they committed for life? Will eyelash extensions damage my real eyelashes?

Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Lashes

First, you need to understand the process of applying eyelash extensions. Unlike regular false eyelashes, eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent option. The process involves gluing small individual lashes on top of your natural lashes. Application should only be done by an experienced and qualified eyelash technician as it is a very complex procedure. The application can take up to two hours to complete, so be sure to choose a technician you feel comfortable with and trust. Look at reviews and make sure they post examples of their past work.

Lash Lifts Are The New Beauty Treatment Over Lash Extensions

After your application, your lash technician will explain how to best care for your lashes until your next appointment. Lashes can last 2-4 weeks with proper care.

There are many reasons why people get eyelash extensions, the most common reason being to add a little something extra to their daily makeup routine. With eyelash extensions, you feel like your face is completely finished with just a few extra lashes on your upper lash line. Some people even skip their regular makeup routine when their lashes look fluffy and luscious. What a dream

Eyelash extensions not only make you look great, they make you feel great. Treating yourself to extensions is a small act of self-love, and if you go to a reputable lash technician, the application itself is a relaxing and pleasant experience, and you’ll feel pampered and loved after your appointment.

So you want a juicy shock of eyelash extensions? At the outset, it is important to note that all beauty treatments and applications carry risks. But as with most things, the risk can be avoided by doing thorough research, choosing a licensed, qualified, and experienced technician, using good care and careful cleaning practices, and professional removal. Well, if you don’t follow the recommendations mentioned above, you may be at risk of suffering from the following:

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Eyelash Extensions

1. Infection (and eyelash lice! 😷). Yes, you can get an infection from the wrong use of an eyelash! In general, it depends on your technician, the products used and your eyelash cleaning habits. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to choose an eyelash technician who knows what they’re doing and uses quality products. There are many great lash training courses and programs (like ours! Click here to learn more), so make sure your technician takes the necessary steps to become a lash technician.

You will also need to develop an eyelash cleaning routine. Make sure to keep them away from your skin and makeup residue and use a suitable eyelash cleanser. There are many eyelash shampoos available that will keep your lashes clean without damaging them. Not only can poor hygiene lead to infection, it can also lead to blepharitis, which can weaken your natural lashes and cause them to fall out and possibly even develop eye lice. No thanks! 🙅🏽

2. Loss of natural eyelashes. There are a few reasons why eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes. First, a bad app. the poor

Will Lash Extensions Ruin My Lashes

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