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Window Cleaning Business Near Me – Be one of those who work with me and build a seven figure, money making empire washing windows. I will show you exactly how to copy my success.

I encourage you to close the door, pick up the phone, and STUDY this message. it is so important and so revolutionary.

Window Cleaning Business Near Me

Window Cleaning Business Near Me

Dear, I don’t know about your window cleaning business or pressure washing or if you even have one… But for a long time I was too busy washing windows… and they still break… So I know how he feels However, today I am happy to report that I have a very strong, multi-million dollar, deep six figure income, window cleaning / pressure washing empire.

Window Washers Brooklyn Ny

And guess what, you can literally cut, copy and paste my success, step by step. It doesn’t matter if…

Value “… I would not hesitate to recommend Jim and his programs, the value he brings is tremendous and I am grateful to have crossed paths with him in the early stages of my business.” Greg at UT (Greg is now over $200,000 a month when he came on board at $3,800 a month).

My name is Jim DuBois, and I’ve been using, improving, and refining my easy-to-use program for two decades to make big bucks year after year. Most people would never guess how much money can be made with window washing and pressure washing when done right. But Iknovit is possible. And anyone can do it when you have the right strategies and my personal help. So if you’ve seen or heard about people making $250,000 a year washing windows, but you don’t believe it’s possible… I live, breathe the proof. I promise you will also practically transform your new or existing window cleaning and/or pressure washing business from struggling or “mediocre” to blindingly fast growth and success. I will show you the exact steps to take to create a rich but maybe not so popular lifestyle :). These are the same steps I use today.

Above is Dennis who just came to one of my boot camps washing windows. These are multi-day events held at my world-class facility north of Charlotte, North Korea. We cover everything from business building, lead generation, branding, recruiting, skill sets, equipment and more. It’s a business builder’s dream event.

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Above is one of my Bootcamp classes. Small groups for practical attention, individual attention. When you attend one of my camps, you’ll know without hesitation how to measure up to a 7-figure operation.

If you act fast, you can put my “business magic” to work for YOU right now, risk-free. In this letter I will tell you exactly what my systems can do for your business. You will attract a stream of new customers, coordinate your company and dominate any target market you choose. Here is what you will find in my complete system.

Now you have the opportunity to literally copy every strategy, every concept, every scenario – my entire business model. But it is important that you are the right candidate for what I have to offer…

Window Cleaning Business Near Me

Then you NEED what was voted. “America’s No. 1 Commercial Building Project.” 1 to wash the windows.” I know what I can do when I start working with you. The results speak for themselves.

Tips Before Starting A Window Cleaning Business

In the summer of 2017, I started my window cleaning training program teaching “Jim Dubois” how to start a world class window cleaning business. Shortly after that, a 19-year-old called me. He said he owns a window cleaning business and wants to grow it. He was a sharp, insightful young entrepreneur and I was excited to work with him. He was making $100,000 a year when he called me. The next year, after 12 months of my window washing coaching program, we made it to $350,000. He went to 3 BOOTCAMPS!

Tom already had an annual income of $500,000. 24 months and the year ended with $1,000,000. … and the success stories keep coming. Take action today! You will be pleased with the results. I have the business knowledge and strategies to get you where you want to go in your business. It starts with a quick call to me at 704-343-8867. We’ll have a great chat, answer all your questions, and you’ll find out if it’s right for you. Leave a voicemail if I don’t answer.

I am not from a rich family, and they did not give me the job. I built it myself from scratch, in the trenches, starting with one customer. My father was in the Air Force, and I was constantly moving and changing schools. That is until my parents sent me to military school. I hated it. But if there was one thing I soon learned, it was that I didn’t like taking orders and wanted to do my own thing. I wanted my own job where I was in charge and in charge of my own destiny. Except I had no idea what it was going to be. Until one day when I was 19, I answered an ad for a window cleaning job. Little did I know that this event would change my life. I worked in this company for one year. And I remember going to the landlord’s house to pick up my check and seeing his shiny new Cadillac in the driveway, the in-ground pool in the back, and his big, beautiful house.

Because that day I realized I was on the wrong side of this equation. I could do it on my own. And soon I did. Today, when I meet new friends, they are surprised that I can afford my lifestyle when they find out that I have a job cleaning windows. They can’t believe it. I am not bragging about it. In fact, I rarely tell people what I do unless they ask. Because having an income is my little secret.

How I Started A $20k/month Exterior Home Cleaning Service Company

Window cleaning was the smartest decision I ever made. And this, now, may be the smartest decision for you too…if you decide to let me help you build your own window washing / pressure washing empire. If you’re willing to be honest and admit that you’re not “sure” how to level successfully, or you don’t have a really “hard” problem to keep you from day to day, then this would count as the most important. reading of the year.

4 Powerful Reasons Why I’m the Right Expert for Window Cleaning Business Owners Looking to Downsize and Grow

First reason. No, I’m in this business right now as I write this, in the trenches to build my company, fixing systems and being fully aligned with what’s next for our industry, a job or a skill set.

Window Cleaning Business Near Me

My team and I are constantly testing, proving, and refining great strategies to implement in the family of window washer trainers. Another reason. i put my money where my mouth is with a risk free guarantee made of steel. I give you a guarantee unlike what you have seen. Unlike any franchise or business, I have a no results guarantee. The third reason. I have had great results based on the testimonials of the people I have helped. These are real results that real people got with the very strategies we talked about. Reason 4: I’m not just another so-called “guru” trying to sell a book because I once “peaked” at $X income, washed windows for a month, and think I know it all. No, here are some things that make up my resume.

Weekend Window Cleaning School Business Packages Qpj

And the fifth reason: MY TRAINER IS WORKING. Era! Now you don’t need this training program to improve your window cleaning business. You can try and keep doing what you were trying to do on your own and try to grow through trial and error.

You can use my patented Wealth™ Million Dollar Window Washer Training program designed specifically for people who want to grow their company fast. I reveal everything you need to grow your business faster… And get home in time for dinner with your family. Now I know you’re probably skeptical. It is normal and healthy. But… don’t take my word for it…

250 pages and related videos on nothing but window cleaning Business Basics. setting up the right operations, setting up the right bank account, insurance, brand/image, phone etiquette/VM, working software, market penetration, mastering selected skills, understanding your numbers, pricing and more. Read and watch from the comfort of your home.

I share 300 pages of just-practical voice-related strategies and examples of what I’ve done, am still doing, and plan to do. I call this my million dollar marketing arsenal. Without one, your business is done, and with one, let’s just say it grew my company into 7 figures, including dozens of powerful lead generators for sales recruiting, internet marketing, print campaigns, scripts, acquisitions, and more.

Supplies Needed To Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business: 9 Must Haves

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