Window Tint Shades For Home

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Window Tint Shades For Home – Tritek Tinting XPEL offers a complete range of sun and protection film solutions. XPEL offerings include the following utilities and offerings:

VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS helps eliminate hot spots and reduce uneven temperatures in your home or office.

Window Tint Shades For Home

Window Tint Shades For Home

Trust VISION CLEAR VIEW PLUS to block 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting occupants and furniture.

Natural Light With Residential Window Tinting

VISION Home window film is designed to reduce heat gain, reduce energy costs and maintain the comfort and protection you need.

XPEL Window Tint helps prevent temperature differences between different areas of the room and the rest of the house. Sunlight coming through windows causes temperature fluctuations, and window film has proven to be a very cost-effective solution. The three main benefits of window film are UV reduction, sun rejection, and glare reduction.

The films we use at Tritek Tinting are designed for all types of window manufacturers and regardless of the window manufacturer’s energy efficiency, when window tinting is used, the windows use more energy. Our XPEL residential window film comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

With XPEL residential window tinting, you will lower your energy bills and eventually the window tinting film will pay for itself.

Residential Exterior Window Film

Increasing heat through your home’s windows will provide more of your energy to run your air conditioner. First, using tinted window film prevents heat from entering the home. Window tinting usually pays for itself within a few years, and the savings continue for years to come.

Window film filters out up to 98 percent of the sun’s UV/IR rays, keeping your home cool. Window film absorbs heat, so your home feels comfortable all year round. Using window film reduces the intensity of the sun and allows you to enjoy all areas of your home.

It’s frustrating to find that your valuables have been exposed to harmful ultraviolet (UV) light that can penetrate the glass and remove your furniture from the floor. Window film reduces fading by up to 99 percent by blocking invisible UV rays.

Window Tint Shades For Home

It reduces the harmful effects of the sun and helps reduce the risk of skin cancer, melanoma, cataracts and other degenerative eye diseases.

What Shade Of Window Film Is Right For You?

Tritek Window Tinting is the premier automotive, commercial and residential window tinting shop in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. After more than 20 years in business, we have earned an incredible reputation as one of the best ink shops in the American Southwest. With our headquarters in Garland, Texas; We are well located in the metroplex area. Tritek was founded in 1996 and since then has built a reputation for quality and service, as well as products that last a lifetime.

With over 25 years of experience in window glazing, Tritek’s Certified installation team ensures that you get a high quality film application. Tritek prides itself on good business ethics while providing a friendly and personal sales experience.

Tritek’s mission is to provide customers with unmatched product quality and exceptional service that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Call or email today: (972)926-5666 and let us show you how we can “clean” your home!

Home Window Tinting Cost Guide 2023

If you would like to know more about XPEL’s VISION solar window film, please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have. We are here to help you quickly and successfully find the perfect shade, film quality and price to suit your needs!

In this video, you will learn all the costs of a typical home window tinting project. Prices per square foot typically range from $5 to $8 per square foot, and home projects range from $320 to $840.

Installing window film at home is a big investment, but cost is an important factor in making the decision…

Window Tint Shades For Home

Let’s quickly explain the cost of installing your home, as the cost will vary depending on the type of window film used and the length of the windows (or window design).

Car Window Tinting: 7 Things You Need To Know

The average cost you can expect to paint your home is between $320 and $840. The price per square meter is usually between $5 and $8, but it all depends on the quality of the film you choose to use and the length and design of the window.

Ceramic window film is the most advanced window film, usually blocking 65% or more heat; Whether you choose a light film shade film or a dark film shade film, since it is an infrared film, it still covers a large amount of heat.

We used a BTU meter to measure solar heat, comparing a light ceramic window film (70% shade) to a dark window film (5% shade) and the ceramic window film still does at least three times better in heat. turn down

Therefore, it blocks infrared heat (most of the heat that comes through your windows during the day) and lets sunlight in during the day.

Nano Ceramic Window Tint For Auto

Usually, this window film is only installed on single pane windows because it absorbs and blocks enough heat to break two panes.

This window film is ideal for large windows to protect the floor and furniture from UV rays and heat during the day, while letting in all the sunlight, OR areas of your home that get very hot during the day.

Anti-reflective window film is a very expensive film that blocks 35% or more of heat, regardless of shade.

Window Tint Shades For Home

This window film is mainly used to block harmful UV rays that damage/remove floors and furniture, reduce glare on screens during the day, and provide privacy if you choose a shade film.

Sunroom Window Tinting In White Haven, Pa

This window film is safe to use on double-glazed windows, unlike ceramic window film, which absorbs too much heat and can cause double-glazed windows to crack.

Unlike other window films, frosted and decorative window film is the ideal window film to quickly increase privacy day and night, inside and outside, and offers more design options, custom patterns and shades.

This window film is mainly used for front doors, bathroom windows and adds character to the person you want to cover the windows in your home.

Safety window film Clear window film comes in many thicknesses (3 mil -15 mil) to protect your home’s windows during natural disasters like hurricanes (you can also upgrade the film to include heat resistance technology). , or invasion.

M’s Window Films Block Heat And Uv Rays Without Dark Tint

To add more strength to your windows, you can attach the adhesive system that secures the window film to the window frame for maximum strength.

This window film is ideal for front doors / back doors with large windows that one can easily reach to prevent forced entry.

Silver Reflective Window Film is a popular screened window film that creates maximum privacy during the day.

Window Tint Shades For Home

This window film is commonly used to block large amounts of heat coming through windows during the day, while adding 100% privacy to your home’s windows.

Will Tinted House Windows Really Reduce Your Energy Bill?

This film usually comes with a 10-year or lifetime warranty, and it resists more than 75% of heat. This window film can be safely used on double or single glass windows.

The only thing that affects this film is that at night, the windows inside are now like glass, because the light inside is greater than the light outside, so the windows of your house are now like glass.

Let’s discuss some factors that affect the cost of window glazing, such as window height and window design.

If you have a high ceiling in your house and you want to turn it off because they need sunlight, heating or other privacy; due to the increased risk and difficulty of installing window film, this can increase the cost from $0.50 to $1.50 per square foot. One Way Privacy Window Blinds For Glass Door & French Doors, Daytime Privacy Protecting Reflective Heat Control Window Tint For Home Office Indoor ( Color

In addition to this cost, if the windows are too tall for the ladder, there will be additional costs for equipment such as a human lift or scissor lift to safely access the windows and install the window film correctly with minimal damage.

Another idea is that the windows are crescent-shaped. These windows cannot be cut before installation and require some skill and precision to cut the surrounding shape and not leave large holes for light. These windows typically cost an additional $1 per square foot to install.

Based on our experience of folding windows in thousands of homes, the total cost per square foot is usually around $6. The cost of window coverings for your home may be high based on the above, but $6 per square foot is the safest way for your budget.

Window Tint Shades For Home

After looking at all the plans for a window tinting system for your home, we believe that you will be able to accurately estimate how much it will cost to install the windows in your home.

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