Working In Taiwan As A Foreigner

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Working In Taiwan As A Foreigner – While the COVID-19 restrictions are disrupting the plans of many who have traveled abroad, now is a good time to take a step back and reassess your options. Ranked 3rd for quality of life (out of 64 countries), 6th for personal finances and 8th for work-life balance, it’s clear why Taiwan was named the best travel destination for expats in InterNations’ Expat Insider report.

So while it’s hard to deny that Taiwan is a great place for expats, there are some aspects of life in Taiwan that you should consider before moving there. Using an expat perspective, this article examines the pros and cons of moving to Taiwan to help expats decide where to move and return.

Working In Taiwan As A Foreigner

Working In Taiwan As A Foreigner

First, Taiwan is considered a very safe country to live in and is still recognized as a safe country in various international security indices, including SafeAround’s index, where Taiwan ranks 24th out of 160 countries, and the Global Security Index. Taiwan is ranked 26th out of 163 countries. Taiwan is also ranked 17th out of 64 places for safety and security in the InterNations report.

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In addition to being perceived as a safe country in surveys and reports, expats also rate Taiwan in terms of personal safety. “Taiwan is one of the safest places you can find,” said Alex Trupe, Rolo’s CMO and co-founder, who is also an expat who has lived in Taipei, Taiwan for over a decade. He added: “You can leave your wallet and phone on a table in a coffee shop and expect it to be there in an hour or so (or not at all. sent to staff).”

Taiwan is also a really welcoming society. They see the locals as honest, friendly, kind and caring, which makes it easier to be a foreigner. “Taiwanese are very friendly and willing to help foreigners even if they speak little or no English.” Alex explained. “If you’re trying to find a place on a map, it’s normal to go to that place, not just point the wrong way.”

Taiwanese are also known for their generosity, care for the environment, especially respect for the elderly and honoring family members. In addition to caring for the people around them, the Taiwanese also care about and respect the environment. In fact, “the people of the island are very aware of the environment, and there are many initiatives to recycle, reduce waste and reduce single-use plastics,” says Katherine Fan, who has lived in Taiwan for nine years as a reporter for Major. Trip. Report. Characteristic.

Another benefit of traveling to Taiwan is the amazing food. Home to a wonderful mix of flavors, Taiwan has some seriously delicious dishes. The first experience with local food, according to Katherine “the food is amazing, healthy, delicious, cheap, cultural opportunities from the world.”

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The diversity of the country’s culture can clearly be seen in the food, and as a foreigner you can certainly find food from all corners of the world as well as traditional Taiwanese food. From famous local dishes like beef noodles to international influences (from Changjiang), Taiwan has something for every foodie.

Another reason to see Taiwan as a paradise for expats is because of the country’s beauty. With majestic mountain ranges, towering cliffs, tranquil beaches and lush forests, it’s easy to see why the locals are so proud of the diversity of their beautiful land and why foreigners are drawn to Taiwan’s wonderful scenery. Taiwan’s cities show a unique charm with vibrant night markets, colorful churches and sky towers.

Leonard Ang, interior designer and author of Interior Charm, has lived the style of living in Taiwan, adding, “Taiwan has one of the highest mountain ranges in the world, so it’s a safe place for hikers and nature lovers.” He says the country has “many hidden and medicinal treasures, tall and magnificent temples, historical sites and wonders such as Yehliu Geopark and Shifen Waterfall.”

Working In Taiwan As A Foreigner

In short, “the outside is really beautiful and there’s a lot of stuff,” says Katherine. “From hiking in Taro Canyon and diving, to exploring the rice fields, following the river and hiking, these are some of the ecological wonders of outdoor activities and activities.”

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If you come from an English-speaking country and do not know the local language (Mandarin Chinese), it may be difficult to adjust at first because English is not widely spoken. That said, the capital city of Taipei has more English speakers than anywhere else in the country. Leonard said, “You can travel around Taipei and the North in general, unlike in the South, it’s harder to meet English speakers.”

Alex also shares his experience of overcoming the language barrier and offers advice to other expats moving there. He said, “if you don’t speak/read Chinese, sometimes it’s hard to find what you want because there are many restaurants and stores that only carry Chinese brands.”

There can be a language barrier when accessing public health services, which is why many foreigners who do not know the language choose to seek private health care. In private hospitals and facilities, for example, you will find doctors who speak English and your medical bills will be translated into English. To ensure that you can easily access private health services without paying out-of-pocket costs, you may want to look into a global health package or similar insurance for immigrants.

When moving to a country where the language is different from yours, it is best to learn the local language as soon as possible, even if it is just a few sentences at first. The better you understand and speak the local language, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your new home.

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Although there are many industries in Taiwan, including microelectronics, electronics, communications, technology development, and industrial processing, it can be difficult for foreigners to find work in these fields. Alex also said, “It’s hard to find a good, well-paid job as a foreigner if you’re not an English teacher. If you’re a foreigner, most Taiwanese will say you’re an English teacher and America, that’s what most foreigners are here for.”

To get a good job in Taiwan, you need to know the industry you want to enter, have experience and strong knowledge. Knowing how to speak Mandarin will also help you get a good job even if you have little knowledge of the language.

With mild winters and hot summers, Taiwan’s weather can be beautiful, but Taiwan’s climate is known to be unpredictable. In summer there is a lot of rain, storms and thunder. “Rain doesn’t really show up,” Leonard said. He added: “You can have two weeks of non-stop rain or two weeks of non-stop sun. But generally, the hotter and more humid you can get. thinking.”

Working In Taiwan As A Foreigner

The average high temperature is 29.5 °C (85 °F) in the summer months and drops to 16 °C (61 °F) in the winter months so it is never cold but it can be very hot Along with this Katherine said that Taiwan’s climate is “very hot and very humid, which is difficult for many Westerners to adapt to.”

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Another disadvantage of living in Taiwan is the high air quality and pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels. Taipei, among other cities, is known for its high level of pollution. The large number of scooters, a form of transport, contributes to the country’s air pollution.

Congestion is another problem “that affects foreigners and people from small towns,” Katherine said, because of the large number of scooters traveling through cities.

Although Taiwan is a wonderful country to call home, it comes with its own problems. With limited job opportunities, unpredictable weather, a potential language barrier and high levels of pollution, living in Taiwan is difficult.

That said, do the pros outweigh the cons? A safe country, home to a welcoming community, great food and beautiful scenery, it’s up to you, the expat, to make the decision to move to Taiwan.

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The reasonable cost of moving to Taiwan is another advantage that attracts foreigners to the country. The cost is similar to moving to other countries in the region, such as Malaysia and Vietnam. Made in Taiwan

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